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WordPress Design and Developement

WordPress was once thought of as “blog” websites or software.
This was and is a misconception, WordPress provides unlimited designs to create a website that works for everyone, and every type of business – with the added bonus of having a blog built into your website.
Every website should have a blog, it allows you to keep your site updating with new content, something that search engines love.

This website you are on now is a WordPress powered website, it does not look like a blog, from the top menu, to galleries, WordPress can be totally customized.
We believe WordPress is the best choice for a website – with WordPress you can do it all.

Why you should have a WordPress website
Total Control
With a WordPress powered website you as the owner have total control, you are not limited to what drag and drop or storefront layouts give to you to use, with WordPress, you can showcase your brand making your website unique.
Once you have your website designed and installed, you are able to add new pages or blog posts. You can edit yourself whenever you want and add new content on your own. You will not need to hire anyone to do any of this for you, and it is user friendly – much more so than drag and drop website builders.
Design Excellence
Forget being limited to what storefronts have to offer. Once we find a layout you like, we customize it top to bottom, keeping flexibility and brand flow throughout. Your website will look professional and creative, no one enjoys looking at flat boring storefront.!
User Friendly
Log in to the owner dashboard, and make changes to your website. Publish posts immediately, change menus, update prices, fill orders, take reservations, even schedule posts to be published at a selected date. Sell event tickets right at your website, create members areas – you can do it all, or have us assist you – you will be soon able to do it all yourself.
No Skills Needed
WordPress does not require HTML editing or editing software. Along with being able to add a new page or blog post, you can format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc. all without the need for additional HTML or FTP software.
Search Engines Love It
WordPress coding makes it easy for search engines to read and index a site’s content. Each page, post, product, event, promotion, and image has its own meta tag keywords, description, and title, and are optimized for specific keywords making SEO straightforward.
Growth Factor
You can add numerous items to it, social media feeds, image galleries, video galleries, audio galleries, classrooms, landing pages, email captures, downloads, catalogs and more through the use of plugins. A majority of these plugins are free, while some others are reasonable in price. As your business grows, your site can grow right along with you.
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    WordPress Solutions
  • Need an online store too ?

    No problem with WordPress!
    Woocommerce integrates nicely into your website keeping customers on your website.
    Prefer Paypal buttons and subscriptions ?
    Also not a problem, with WordPress you can have retail, wholesale, and private members areas for your shoppers.
    PDF shipping invoices, receipts, gift cards, wish lists, and more.
    Ask us if what you need is available!

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    Consultation Questionnaire