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Website Pop-ups • Are you a Toaster?

Website Pop-Ups and Why They Should Be Avoided

Typical Pop-Up Example – Some have coupon codes, some tell you to download, others to register and some are even threatening!

You want to command attention, you want to capture email addresses, and get sale’s but using a website pop-up is just asking for trouble.
If you are using website pop-ups, or want to, you are obviously thinking it is going to help you “announce” something, gain new newsletter subscribers, sell your product, promote ebooks…they are clearly used to gain something for you, from the website visitors right off the bat and right from your first impression you are setting yourself up to be thought of as “pushy”, unless you are a used car salesman, this is not wise.

Pop-ups are right there springing into the website visitors face as soon as they open your website, click to open a new page and even stop visitors with yet another pop-up when the visitor tries to leave.
They bring to mind when people type in all capital letters or over punctuate with exclamation points.
You have seen this before, and you know typing in all uppercase letters means the typist is yelling….do you really want your website visitors to be greeted by shouting?

There is no real strategy to using a pop-up on your website, they are not useful as marketing tools despite what you may think.
In fact they can be hurtful to your brand and even cheapen it.
They can make you appear annoying, or desperate.

There are different types of pop-ups, good pop-ups and bad.

Good Pop-Ups

Banking Timed Log-Outs
Computer Errors
Pop-Up Shops and Restaurants

Bad Pop-Ups

All others

Everything you want to tell your visitors, (when done correctly) can capture the users interest through design and words.
Let people look at your website, give them the respect to allow them to find the details you want them to, and what they want.

There are those who just love pop-ups for some reason.
They will tell you that their business and mailing lists upped by leaps and bounds, what they are not telling you is the truth.


• Immediate pop-up closes.
• Fake email addresses.
• Loss of paying customers.
• Customers become annoyed.
• Loss in profits.

• Majority leaves website upon pop-up.
• Mailing list bouncing.
• Zero newsletter opens/clicks.
• Spammer reputation.
• Brand damage.
• Bad for mobile devices

The only thing I want popping up is what I put in my toaster, when I go to a website and am greeted by a pop-up, I either never return, and always, always %$#@^ – always…I detest them, and so do all the web designers I know, it becomes a topic of conversation at practically all events we get together at.
Of course we will design and install them for you, if you simply must have one – but there are other options that you should consider too.

What Can Work Instead:

• A top bar widget.
• Beautiful sidebars
• Stunning graphic ads.
• Interesting content.

• Text and/or image carousels.
• Text and/or image sliders.
• Footer widgets.
• Call to Actions. (see example below)

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