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Website Banner Design

Website Banner Design

Banner designs can be used to highlight your business, blog, sale products, popular services, featured menu dish, events,
Within this page you will find examples of differing size banner ads most commonly seen in use on the internet.
Banners are not “images” that are animated, but rather a compilation of images, backgrounds, and text compiled into a mini movie.
These banners are then rendered into code, which, once embedded into a post, page or sidebar become visible.

You may order a banner providing, if you have any – design details you might like to have incorporated, logos, and other information that you would like to have on your banner.
Once the banner (s) have been created, you will receive a “draft” for approval.
Upon approval, your banner will be compiled and sent to you as a digital download for you to place on your site, provide to others for them to link to you, or if you are inexperienced or would like us to host your banner for you, we do provide banner hosting.
We provide hosting of your banner at our server, for a monthly fee.
When we host your banner, we have the ability to make changes to it when you wish (just open a support ticket), insert the banner code on your website, and you don’t lift a finger.
Monthly fee is dependant on the amount of banners you desire.
What is included
All banner designs are delivered to you with complete HTML, Responsive HTML embedding files, Google Adwords compatible files and SWF file.
Hosting your banner and installations are optional.
Google Adwords
You’ve seen the banners, you may have them on your website now (adsense), but now you can have your own banner to submit to Adwords.
That’s right, you will not only will we house or upload your banner, the HTMl embed code, and the SWF files, but you will also receive a zip file containing all you need to get started with Adwords.

  • Responsive Banner Design

    We will design and host (if desired) web banners to advertise your business online.
    Web banners can be animated or static, as a general rule, animated banners tend to return a higher click rate, but static banners are more practical for newsletters and some link directories.
    When you want a web banner to promote your business, let us assist!

  • Adwords & Banner Design


Esthetician Website Design

• Salons, Spas, Studios, Barbers •
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