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Technical Support

Technical Support Services for Clients

Having a website sometimes will require technical support, and extended design services – there may come a time when you need something done, and either do not have the time, or the skills needed to complete the task.
You may wish as your customer base grows to add more to your initial design needs or revise an area of your website.
We offer our technical skills and design services to you after you “go live”, it is important that we do not simply create the design, test and upload the website – leaving you “to figure it out”.
When you need technical support or extended design services, we have provided to you our “Support Ticket Desk”.

Clients may open a support ticket at anytime, mark its priority and allow us to assist you.
We are also available to perform weekly or monthly backups of your website, databases, and content, backing up your website is crucial to avoid any interruption of service from errors that can occur when having a website.

HTML Tech Support
When you need assistance editing your HTML to add or revise pages, contact forms, and other needs.
WordPress Plugin Install and Support
When you need assistance / advice on plugins, this would include plugin installation, backup of your site prior to plugin install, testing of install, and if needed setup of plugin, and creation of any pages or essentials required for your plugin.
Woocommerce Support
When you need assistance adding new categories, products, or woocommerce specific plugins.
Basic Website Support
Any type of support or questions regarding the use of your website, or assistance in understanding the operation.
Website Backup
We provide weekly backup services to ensure your site stays healthy and online. It is crucial to have a backup of your website should an error ever occur in editing, changes to DNS and other technical concerns.
The fee for weekly backups is $100 per year, paid annually.
Extended Design Services
When you wish to have new pages, events, services, menus, downloads, opt-ins, pop-ups, etc., added to your website, we are available to assist you – this is what it considered extended design. Extended design in most cases requires graphic web design to keep the flow of your brand consistant.
Our Fee
Our fee for technical and/or extended design services after the inital approval of your website is $100 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments.
Many times a technical and sometimes a design support request, may take less than 15 minutes – in which case you will never be billed for that job.
We require either full payment or a down payment on all technical and extended design requests – this depends upon the request.
Open A Support Ticket

  • We Give You Help

    We Give You Help
  • Backup Payment Options

    Payment is made via invoice through either of our accounts at Paypal or Square.
    At no time do we ever have access to your private account information.
    Annual backup fee is not a recurring payment – you pay in full once a year only, it is not a subscription, therefore you have nothing to cancel should you not require the service the following year.

  • Support Payment Options

    Technical support and extended design service payments are also paid via invoice through our paypal or square accounts.
    We require a down payment of $25 to begin any job.
    Should your task require less than 15 minutes of time, we refund you the deposit upon completion of work.
    If your request takes 15 minutes or longer the remaining balance is due upon completion of work.


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