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Esthetician Website Design

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Esthetician Website Design | Salon, Studio, Spa and Barber Shop Design

More often than not esthetician website design themes tend to not reflect the owner, or the enviroment.
Having an aesthetically pleasing website is as important – if not more so, than having your treatment room or salon pleasing to the eye and senses.
Professionals should note that prospective clients view your website before ever thinking about setting foot inside the beautiful salon or treatment room you have created. As an aesthetician and customer, I have an upperhand to help you in developing a website that includes everything you need as a beauty professional, my goal is to have your website, be as professional as the license you hold, we have worked hard to gain our professional licenses – we should have a website that reflects that.

Your website is your first impression, a good website should be your first step before ordering business cards, rack cards and all other marketing materials.
It will assist you in determining how you are going to present yourself and drive the type of clientele you want to schedule appointments and purchase your product.

Three basic misconceptions about esthetician website design –
You have a facebook page:
Facebook pages are essential to any business, but they are not a substitute for a website.
Only having social media accounts for a business and not an actual website, does not provide the consumer with the security of knowing you are a business as opposed to a hobby.
You cannot afford one:
The owner of Cuddle Creek is an aesthetician in addition to being a web designer.
Because of this other skincare, cosmetology, or barbering businesses are given a substantial discount on the initial web design and developement services.
You have a free site or use a website builder:
We all like the words free, yet what are you gaining  – are you reaching search engines, are you limited in what your website looks like, how much control do you have over the nuts and bolts of your own website.
Do they provide your business what it needs to develop your brand, or are you using the same design and layout as millions of other people and are unable to customize it to stand out ?
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Esthetician Website Design

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