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Design Mission

Design Mission – Our Philosophy

Our design mission is to create websites and graphics that are not routine, it is our hope that each client may allow something from within them shine through their brand and their website.
When you view our website… as an example, aspects of who we are as a company, but also as ourselves personally are right there “in your face”.

Our philosophy has always been for you to control your website, control your business and be different.
The importance of having full control over your domain, your hosting platform, and your website and to know what to do with each is the same of as having full control over what products you provide, services and skills you choose to provide and the daily management of your business affairs.

What we want for you:
Complete Branding
That your company or product coordinates with your website domain name, that your logo makes sense to your product, that you build your brand beginning with the look and feel of your logo.
Standard marketing materials, packaging design and website design will be the cornerstone of your brand, we want you to understand how important this is.
Complete Control
You as a website owner should know the basic nuts and bolts of how to move around your cPanel, create business emails, backup your website, restore your website, install plug-ins, run the backend of a eCommerce or WordPress site.
There are many tasks that can be done by you.. if you care to take some time, if not you may always hire me for technical assistance.
Complete Originality
Our customization process is not simply adding your logo, or slider images – everything about your website will be original as you and your product is – be different, think outside the box and stand out against the competition.
We strive to keep your brand consistant throughout while adding touches of you within – helping to make you memorable and your marketing a breeze.
See our blog about what happens when clients want the same design we use for our websites.
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