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Our History – Cuddle Creek LLC

Our History – Cuddle Creek LLC 2004

Cuddle Creek opened in July of 2004, our history began when the world wide web first exploded with individuals having the desire to learn graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Jasc (now Corel) Paint Shop Pro, Jasc Animation Shop, Ulead PhotoImpact, Corel Painter, and later Smith Micro Poser.

Online paid subscription members only tutorials were our first venture into building our business and providing what had been called “web pages” and “websets”.
These were basic HTML websites made, – at the time with Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver software (now Adobe), web design has come a long way since then.

Our History Synopsis
Our tutorials were available as online teaching tools, provided in ebook and on CD.
They consisted of HTML, animations, graphic programs and graphic software filters – such as Super Blade Pro, Eye Candy and other similar filters/plug-ins.
We also provided tutorials on creating HTML websites and designing with png and picture tube images, font/text effects, creation of digital scrapbooking elements and design of printable crafts.
Mousedrawn Graphics
These graphics were created as vectors and then heavily painted and shaded digitally.
Tole graphics is what many referred to this type of digital art.
They consist of numerous vector layers that are individually painted, smoothed and merged together to create one single image of anything from a bow to a rose to a whimsical character.
We provided our artwork through our site which was an ecommerce site now rather than members only.
Our artwork was available to purchase for personal use for crafting, small business use for designing and for mass marketing to larger corporations.
Our artwork has been featured on such items as child and baby product decor, event favors and invitations, greeting cards, handbags and childrens books.
Still somewhat early in the days of ecommerce, designs for these sites left something to be desired.
CubeCart was the cart of our choice, we made changes in the coding to design it to be more 3 dimensional, and textured to match up with our style of digital artwork.
That was when we began receiving requests to custom design for other sites domestically and internationally to companies ranging from electronics, to food products and a variety of home based businesses.
Web Design
HTML web design was on its way out, and WordPress was on its way in.
At this time we began to design WordPress themes, customized them to the buyers specifications and sold them through our online shop along with our artwork, tutorials, CubeCart designs, Incredimail skins, various HTML websets, and printable designs.
Our clients have included furniture designers, crafters, event planners, education facilities and professional skincare companies.
Web Hosting
Many of our clients were new to having a online business and did not have the skills to edit or maintain the technical parts of having a ecommerce or WordPress website.
We provided hosting plans to the public, provided technical support and video and one on one education on how to run their own website from front to back – without fear.

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  • What Put Us On The Map

    What Put Us On The Map

    Cuddle Teddy Bear Illustrations
    This whimsical character was originally based upon our little dogs - their adventures, expressions and love of their stuffed teddy bear.

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  • Personal Note

    I personally feel it is important to reveal that a few years ago, I decided it was best to take a leave of absence from designing and creating illustrations.
    This was due to the fact that my father was diagnosed with ALS also known as Lou Gehrigs Disease.
    I became his fulltime caregiver till his passing - this required my full attention, I felt I would not at that time be able to give my clients or artwork the best of myself.
    I am now back and looking forward to assisting you in your business endeavers.


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