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Facebook Page vs. Websites

Facebook and Instagram Business Pages vs. Websites

You have a facebook and/or instagram page for your business, so you think that you do not need a website eh?
If you truly believe that, you are in some trouble already.
Sure you need social media pages, we recently opened a facebook page ourselves for our relaunch (2017) but social media is not a professional way to present your company to the public as your one and only source of people knowing you exist, or taking you seriously as a professional.

I always question the reasoning behind many small businesses have when they refer to their facebook or instagram accounts as their website.
They are not your website, do you own, control and operate or
No you don’t, Mark Zuckerburg owns them and has staffs of people to operate them.

Where a website, you own and operate…you have control over it.
And I do not want to hear – “I’m too busy to have a website”, listen if you are not too busy to be on facebook all day in groups or the newsfeed or post to instagram as often as I see many business owners do – you have the time for a website, and your social media outlets.

So what exactly are you getting from using social media as your “website”.

Policy Changes
Ask yourself how often you have seen them change their policies on posting, what you can boost, the fees to “boost”, how often your posts are visible in the newsfeed, and many views your post receives.
All of their change are to benefit their business….not yours.
And frankly it should be, they want to keep making money off of these platforms.
How many businesses do you know that are going to work to enhance your business, before their own?
Just web designers, and consultants because that is our business – to make you look good.
Being a Google Ghost
Since when has social media replaced Google? It hasn’t.
Google receives over 700 million requests a day searching for what your business may provide, through keywords and meta data.
Ever hear of “Google It”, “I googled it” ?….. no one has ever said “Facebook It” or “Instagram It”.
Meaning no one is searching for your service via social media.
Google does not like to index social media pages for searching, their top priority is websites.
You will not come up in a google search using facebook or instagram alone, especially without a website.
People 'Like' or 'Follow' You
And how is that benefiting you?
You invite people to like your page, they “like” it – what does that even mean?
A like or a follow is nice, but it is not going to pay the bills.
Do they even ever return to your page?
Statistics are a resounding…no.
Online website traffic to a real website is what is going to make you rise in search engines, and have other professional businesses with more traffic than you – work with you.
It's Networking
No it is not.
Sure you post, and people may comment or like it, give you a heart, or as I said follow you.
But you are not Kim Kardashian, or whoever has the most followers out there.
People are not dashing out to purchase whatever product you take a picture of – now are they?… honest.
Unless you get her to take a picture of herself with you or your product.
Networking should begin locally with other businesses in your area.
It's Affordable
Okay, it is free.
Let me ask you – do you like when your customers want you to work for free?
Of course you do not.
They devalue you when they want everything for free – but, then again if you use social media for your website… are doing a good job of devaluing yourself.
Websites need not be skyrocketing expensive, especially for small businesses that are looking to grow – that is where we come in to advise you on the best prices for what you need.

Social media pages are a tool, a great one when used properly.
Using them as your business website though should be avoided at all costs, it is not a professional look.
It is akin to wearing jeans and a tank top to a job interview – which is not a wise choice at all.

If you have questions about rising to a more professional appearance online, contact us!

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