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Tamara A. Dooley

Since you have stumbled upon this page, I see you must be curious about who I am ?
First let me tell you that I’m a person who finds it awkward writing or even talking about myself, shaking in my boots (literally) when called upon in school to “tell us about you” – do they even do that anymore ?

I own and operate two businesses, Cuddle Creek and Crystal Clarity Skincare where I am a corrective skincare aesthetician.
Assisting people, whether through the design of their brand or their skin provides the feeling of accomplishment knowing that I am able to provide my skills to others to help improve upon the dreams they have for their businesses, and promote self-confidence in themselves….I believe that the need to help people in some manner stems from my background in the medical field and through my past of being a caregiver.
I’m originally from the Bronx, NYC and reside in Arizona currently, and fun fact – I was once a NYC Taxi driver.
A fantastic experience that allowed me to meet people from all different walks of life and all over the world.
Animals, especially dogs are the loves of my life.

I want people to be themselves and not conform to what everyone else expects of them to be, or do what others say they should …be yourself, and that includes your designs – you should lead the pack, rather than follow.
That is true in your brand and designs, be bold, if you have an idea and are not sure or think it won’t work – get in touch with me, I’ll help you and tell you the truth with heart and with #nofilter!

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