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Custom Digital Graphics

Custom Digital Graphics at Cuddle Creek

Custom digital graphics  by Tamara are not currently available at the moment due to time constraints.
You may contact us if you would like us to help you in the creation of a piece however, as there are times we will fulfill requests for custom graphics, logos and artwork, however, please note – this is as time permits.

Interested in licensing our artwork for commercial use –
Contact us via our licensing request form.
Commercial and/or mass production of any of Cuddle Creek LLC’s original digital illustrations must be requested in writing.
To begin the commercial request process, submit your proposal providing as much information as possible.

If you are interested in any artwork you see in our galleries for  non-commercial, not for profit use, please get in touch with us for information.

Custom Digital Graphics
Logo Creation
A true logo must present your brand. Logo design is done prior to any website or marketing material design. This is to properly create the flow of your brand making it consistant and memorable.
Quick Tip – Using premade logo services will not make your brand unique.
Mouse Drawn Graphics
Are digital illustrations drawn in graphic software by the use of a mouse, manipulating vector lines into shapes.
Each shape is created onto a single layer, shape layers are later painted using airbrush techniques constantly adding furthur layers of details, contours and highlights.
One image can consist of literally hundreds of layers taking hours or days to complete.

  • Artwork Galleries

    Graphics shown in the galleries consist of sample pieces of individual illustrations that are part of various copyrighted sets of Cuddle Creek LLC artworks.
    They are meant as samples for viewing, within gallery constraints.
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