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Business Branding

Business Branding

Branding your business is the first step to any web design process.
Once you have an idea or dream in your mind for your business, you must begin to create a world around it.

Branding IS your product, profession or service, what is the impression you want to leave in your target audience minds ?
When considering your brand, think about colors, images in your mind – not what you see, use your imagination (think outside the box).
Your business name, logo, font, colors and what you wish to present is all taken into account when a designer begins working on your website, your business cards, flyers, advertisements, trade show banners and the like.
Thinking about your brand is THE most important step you take, once you have done this, everything else will fall into place, making you pleased with the end product your designer provides to you –

Branding Services Include –

• Consulting
• Website Design
• Social Media Design
• Newsletter Design

• Business Card Design
• Marketing Material Design
• Print Design

Consider these steps when creating your brand:

• Who is your target audience.
• What is your tagline.
• Are your marketing materials consistant.
• Are you to the point or too wordy.

• Is your logo available to others.
• What makes what you provide special.
• Think of your brand as a person.
• Are you doing what everyone else is.

If you have questions about branding, or would like assistance please contact us.

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